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From rocking out under the Space Needle to performing on stage in front of 10,000 Seahawk fans during their Superbowl winning season, playing in a cover band has exceeded my wildest expectations. With these hair raising experiences more opportunities came up and a new band was born. Adding musicians, more songs and venues to the mix, Seattle’s Hall Pass Band has performed at the oldest saloon in Washington to private parties of all sizes to upcoming shows at the Triple Door on October 9 and the Hard Rock Cafe on November 21

What started out as a whim wanting to perform on stage has turned into a great adventure doing what we love – playing music and getting the crowds dancing! Grab your Hall Pass and let’s GO!


Hall Pass Band Seattle   Image via HallPass2 HallPass4 HallPass5

Special thanks to JoAnne Daniels with Jo-Jo Photography for the great pictures!

From an intimate patio to an over sized view deck, adding a few creature comforts to an outdoor space makes for a relaxing retreat. Choosing the perfect furniture and rugs designed to withstand the elements plus lighting and cushions for added color, outdoor rooms are a perfect way to take advantage of summer’s sun soaked days. Sharing a few outdoor spaces that capture the essence of a peaceful retreat and dreaming of inspiring outdoor spaces.

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2 dustjacket attic

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Handing someone a piece of memorabilia, like a business card, is a perfect motivator for reconnecting after a meeting. Business cards can add a personal touch to an already detached online networking experience so why not make the designs say more about you and your company? Consider heavy card stock and matte finishes, unique cutouts, fonts and logos and even letterpress for a high quality design. is my online printer of choice offering a variety of templates and styles for eye catching business cards that will seal the deal. Here are a few designs that grab attention and define a stand out business card through creativity and attention to detail. Get away from boring business cards and add some personality to your design for a lasting impression.



Images via Alex Ramon Mas, Joe White of Ye Olde Studio, R Pure, Callie Kant, Four Plus Berlin, Josh Gajownik, Mama’s Sauce

The good ol’ Fourth of July is a time to show your patriotism partaking in pyrotechnics, waving an American flag and wearing the red, white and blue. There’s nothing better than throwing on a pair of shorts, a patriotic T-shirt and heading to a local fair for some good BBQ, crazy rides and an old fashion parade. Showing the Americana spirit through food, fashion and fun, here are a few things that come to mind when celebrating the 4th of July.





Scrolling pages and bigger buttons are just a few starting points when it comes to an effective web interface. Thanks to smart phones and tablets, the need for clean, simple design is imperative. Designers now utilize responsive design to maximize cross platform content for “above the fold” positioning on all devices. Using simple navigation, effective CTAs and eye catching images always delivers the right message and creates a positive and effective user experience. Here are a few examples of web interfaces that are getting the job done and setting the stage for more advancement on interactive web sites.







Inspired by gorgeous rooms and architecture, here are a few interior spaces that feel like getaways. Perfectly balanced between wood and glass, these rooms compliment nature and create stunning focal points. Filled with light and minimal details, a clean design makes it easier to unwind in rooms like these. As we head into 2014, may you find yourself relaxing more in a favorite place.






hosl04_home_offices - Jennifer Post, Arch. Digest

As we gather around with family and friends, take time to notice the many blessings that surround your life. From the small tasks that allow us to share  a grand feast to the distances traveled to bring family and friends together – blessings are abound when loved ones are around! Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving today filled to the brim with blessings.


Thankful - via Tumblr, LogoDesignLove and Pinterest

When fall weather comes in shades of gold and the temperature turns cold, bold stripes and warm tones mixed in layers makes for fashion’s favorite season. Scarves, rain boots, umbrellas and trench coats become endless possibilities for fashion statements. Combining bold stripes, graphic shapes and warm tones together, here are a few of my favorite fall looks.


Via Atlantic -Pacific Blog

{Asos Dress, Hunter Boots image via Atlantic- Pacific}


{VVN By Vivienne Dust Coat }

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{ zara sweater , dr denim Jeans , queens wardrobe  Coat via Frankly Esoteric}

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Hugo Boss

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The stage is a difficult tool to master as evidenced by the horrible, no need to name music performance that made the news recently. Done right, a performer can light up the stage combing great music and costumes that steal the show. Lately, ill fitting costumes, ridiculous facial expressions and nauseating dance moves have become the norm on stage. I prefer a show of talent that draws out the energy of the crowd rather than shocks it. The stage becomes the canvas for the artist to express themself. No need for gimmicks to make up for a bad performance, these standouts show how to master the stage. 


U2 @ The Superbowl 2002 via

Mary J. Blige via the Grammy's



When I started in design, the World Wide Web went from flashing rainbows and disco ball effects to vector graphics and java script for a more realistic experience on the web. Taking design to warp speed, designers can now create virtual worlds on the web to attract more users on more devices than a PC.  Today’s tools of the trade include responsive design, HTML, CSS, Adobe CS6, social media, vector graphics, wireframes, SEO, copy editing, Java script and PHP to name a few. With a huge tool chest of ever changing skills, keeping current with technology is a challenge. Imperative is keeping an eye on design trends and staying curious. I chose web design to make the World Wide Web better and as this unforeseen labyrinth of information evolves, so do I as a designer. Inspired along this creative journey, here are a few designers that are mastering the art of web design.