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Driving around town gazing out the passenger window reminded me that our experiences are influenced by what divides us from the world both physically and mentally. With only a thin layer of metal in a climate controlled car, I am separated from the sights and sounds of the city as I watch people battle the wind and rain crossing the street. Our circumstances have led us to this intersection framed by metal, glass and cement. I’m on one side of a perception and they are on another yet we are in the same place experiencing similarities and differences. There is so much to consider on our ever changing journeys – Here are a few images on some things that divides us.

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Good intentions do not make a good year, actions do. Choosing to do more, be more and have more in the New Year requires facing fears and overcoming obstacles. We all know this yet sometimes we repeat the same mistakes. This year I’m changing up my approach by adding music to my actions to keep me inspired, something like a playlist for my life’s goals that go beyond fitness and health. These songs are a reminder to take action on my goals and keep me motivated. Curious what’s on my playlist? Click on the images below to hear the songs and get ready to make 2015 a great year!


AMBITIOUS – Come Alive by the Foo Fighters

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ACCEPTANCE – Try by Colbie Calliet

GRATITUDE – Lovely Day by Bill Withers

FEARLESSNESS – How We Operate by Gomez

Change up your holiday style with bold colors this season. Radiate joy and vitality that’s sure to spark up your mood with festive colors for any occasion. For upcoming special events around town, stand out in jewel tones from dresses and gowns to bright colored shoes and accessories for head to toe style. From over the top designer couture to trendy discount fashion retailers, the color possibilities are endless at any price point. Adding color to your party attire is an easy way of updating your look and making the holidays bright. Wishing you a merry season surrounded in color. Happy Holidays!


After diving in lava tubes and underwater caves in Hawaii a few years back, I wanted to experience what the deep blue ocean felt like with nothing below or ahead of me. We were 60 feet under the waves with nothing in sight except a dot in the distance getting bigger each minute. It swam like a shark with its familiar side swipe and was heading towards us. Instinct took over as I swam to the boat but our dive master went straight for it –  the dot was now the size of a bus. Holding onto its fin like a passenger out for a ride, the diver went down to 75 feet while we were hanging out in the blue yonder at 30. What a sight this was just us and the giant whale shark. Luckily there were no close calls like the picture below, just a typical day diving with a really big fish!




Swedish artist Andreas Englund’s paintings of an elderly superhero offer a humorous take on the mundane. Grappling with grocery shopping, opening the lid to a jar or taking a breather after fighting bad guys, Englund’s geriatric superhero warms the heart. Using realism to explain the stories in each painting, Andreas draws us into the emotion and amusement of the subject.  Imagine hanging a portrait of this superhero over the fireplace mantel – oh the stories you could tell when guests ask if you’re related. Here are a few of my favorites from Andreas Englund’s series.


The end of summer brings cold nights and a taste for fall. Now is the time to stack wood, take out the throw blankets and prepare for warm fires. Inspired with these reading nooks and an awesome man cave movie theater, these rooms  highlight how a  fireplace can  tie in nicely with each room design. Few things are better than a cup of tea, a good book and a comfy chair to curl up in so why not  create your own warm space by the fire this fall.

From rocking out under the Space Needle to performing on stage in front of 10,000 Seahawk fans during their Superbowl winning season, playing in a cover band has exceeded my wildest expectations. With these hair raising experiences more opportunities came up and a new band was born. Adding musicians, more songs and venues to the mix, Seattle’s Hall Pass Band has performed at the oldest saloon in Washington to private parties of all sizes to upcoming shows at the Triple Door on October 9 and the Hard Rock Cafe on November 21

What started out as a whim wanting to perform on stage has turned into a great adventure doing what we love – playing music and getting the crowds dancing! Grab your Hall Pass and let’s GO!


Hall Pass Band Seattle   Image via HallPass2 HallPass4 HallPass5

Special thanks to JoAnne Daniels with Jo-Jo Photography for the great pictures!

From an intimate patio to an over sized view deck, adding a few creature comforts to an outdoor space makes for a relaxing retreat. Choosing the perfect furniture and rugs designed to withstand the elements plus lighting and cushions for added color, outdoor rooms are a perfect way to take advantage of summer’s sun soaked days. Sharing a few outdoor spaces that capture the essence of a peaceful retreat and dreaming of inspiring outdoor spaces.

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2 dustjacket attic

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Handing someone a piece of memorabilia, like a business card, is a perfect motivator for reconnecting after a meeting. Business cards can add a personal touch to an already detached online networking experience so why not make the designs say more about you and your company? Consider heavy card stock and matte finishes, unique cutouts, fonts and logos and even letterpress for a high quality design. is my online printer of choice offering a variety of templates and styles for eye catching business cards that will seal the deal. Here are a few designs that grab attention and define a stand out business card through creativity and attention to detail. Get away from boring business cards and add some personality to your design for a lasting impression.



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The good ol’ Fourth of July is a time to show your patriotism partaking in pyrotechnics, waving an American flag and wearing the red, white and blue. There’s nothing better than throwing on a pair of shorts, a patriotic T-shirt and heading to a local fair for some good BBQ, crazy rides and an old fashion parade. Showing the Americana spirit through food, fashion and fun, here are a few things that come to mind when celebrating the 4th of July.