Comprehensive Guide About the Types of Perms for Short Hair

Ever since perm has found its place in the market, people have been attracted to the style. It has been adapted in many ways. There happen to be a plethora of trends in the types of perms for short hair. When you look at different perms for short hair guys, the main question is, “Which one will suit you best?”  

This article will guide you to achieve the best look and understand what type of perm can sit nicely on your overall personality. We will also discuss the various changes brought to you because of the permed hair.  

To assist you to hook up with the fast-moving trends. We have assembled all the possible information for you to understand and analyze different types of perms for short hair.  

What is the Fashion trend of the perm? 

types of perms for short hair

A perm is putting hair in tight or loose curls and applying a perm solution to them to last for several months. This process puts you in a commitment with your hair for a long time. Therefore, we understand if you are worried about getting the wrong perm for your hair.  

We are considering people above the age of 20. They will likely believe that getting a perm is equivalent to going back to the trends of the 80s. It is still a belief of people that perms portray an old soul and dull mind. But best believe perms for short hair over 50 are making a revival in the fashion industry!  

FACT: As per the research, the way perms were achieved in the 80s is very different. With the changing times, the process of attaining perms also has advanced. The products used to reach the goal are better and more convenient now!

Hot vs. cold perms 

To discuss the perm styles in detail, we first need to understand their differences. There are two types of perm for short hair; hot and cold.  

Young beautiful happy healthy woman with curly hair over white background

Among the different types of perms for short hair guys, the cold perm is the traditional process used for most perms. It applies an alkaline solution to parch hair curled around plastic rods. It also breaks down the bonds within the hair and makes it curl. 

On the other hand, a hot perm uses a similar approach with an acidic solution and the addition of heat. A cold perm results in tight, limited curls, while a hot perm results in looser, softer curls. 

Can Short Hairs Be Permed? 

types of perms for short hair

You must understand the importance of choosing the right rod size for short hair perms for seniors. A rod too large can end up damaging your hair. While on the other hand, using a shorter one could get you way tighter curls than you planned, as per suggested by famous hairstylist Charles Worthington

Hence, if you want to achieve a defined curl pattern, you must contact the right size of rod and chemicals. The best approach is to get yourself a professional hairstylist to sort your issues out.  

Curling your hair will make it appear shorter than when the hair is quite straight. If the hair is already relatively short, to begin with, this may be a concern for some individuals. You may like to test this out before getting a perm. Using a curling iron, curl your hair into the size and kind of curls you’d like to have if you got a perm. 

Types of Perms for Short Hairs: 

Whenever there is a mention of different types of perms for short hair guys, the first thing that comes to mind is the fashion trends in the 70s and 80s. The thick and voluminous hair confused people about whether to go for the choice or not.

Since the times have changed, the way people achieve perms is also different. The stylist can address different types of perm for short hair. It covers curly, straight, and wavy too.  

Some of the demanded perms include:  

  • Basic Perms 

The basic perm tends to produce beautiful curls that can frame your face. The chiseled features of your face can quickly be brought to attention with the help of casual curls. This requires the hair to be cut into layers before perming.  

Brown haired woman with voluminous hairstyle

Steps to Obtain Basic Perms 

  • Separate the hair into nine panels from the front and the back of the director. 
  • Use a styling tool to measure the length of each meeting.
  • Use two endpapers to roll the hair towards the scalp. 
  • Position the rod a few inches above the scalp surface using roller picks. 
  • Wrap the rest of the sections. 
  • Apply the perming base solution to the hair, and allow the hair to swell, shape and mold into the body of the perm rods. 
  • Once the hair is set, rinse the hair in lukewarm water, and apply a neutralizer. 
  • Rinse the neutralizing solution, and remove the spiral rods from the hair. 

Spiral Perms: 

This type of curls is a beautiful frame for your face. The ultimate result of the perming is dependent on the sort of rods and chemicals used. It is common to use either mid-sized or longer rods. These types of perms for short hair guys can be casually found to be in the suggestions list of stylists. It takes a particular set of skills to achieve the best short hair perm for seniors. But once it is done, you are going to love it! 

Steps to Obtain Spiral Perms: 

  • Hair is washed, dried, and then wrapped around vertical rods and curled upwards for spiral perms.  
  • A base lotion is used to break down the hair’s protein structure, allowing the hair to expand, stretch, and conform to the shape of the perm rod.  
  • The hair is cleansed, and a neutralizer is used to seal the damaged connections in the hair and rebuild it once the curls have been set. 

Pin Curl Perms  

The perming done with the pin curls varies on the size of individual curls. The curls are determined by how to loop and pin them. Less hair is used for smaller curls, and more hair produces a little larger curls. Unlike hot perms, this method does the colder one using curling pins with a gel.  

Steps to Obtain Pin Curl Perms 

  • Apply the perming solution to the hair after it has been washed. 
  • Start pinning your hair while it’s still moist to let the curls form. 
  • When your hair is dehydrated, remove the pins. 
  • lady with a curling iron  
  • Tiny hair strands are wrapped in cold paper and twisted into huge loops to impart substance to the hair. Pin curls may be placed to the front of the hair for concise trimmed hair, and substantial pin curls can be added to the sides of short bobs. 

Body Wave Perms 

Most celebrities, as well as the common people, love the body wave perms. People often refer to these perms as the bohemian beach waves. They are natural in looks and usually loved by people of all ages. There are different types of perms for short hair, among which all sorts of people love body wave perms. They look vibrant and pretty for being natural and subtle.  

Steps to Obtain Body Wave Perms: 

  • Comb out the sections to smooth, and then roll them around the rods. 
  • Apply the perming solution to the hair so that it molds into the shape of the rod. 
  • After some time, rinse the hair and apply a neutralizer. 
  • It is important to note that body wave perms give more curls to shorter hair than long hair. 

Stack Perms 

The types of perms for short hair also include stack perm refers to perming your hair from the bottom only. However, it is best suited for women with single-length hair. This style consists of a mass of tight curls. They are small and only occur at the bottom while the roots are left untouched.  

Steps to Obtain Stack Perms 

  • Start wrapping the hair at the nape area. Take sections from the central location, back, and the sides of the head. 
  • Use small-sized rollers to curl the hair upwards. 
  • Apply perming lotion on the hair that has been curled. 
  • Wash off after some time, and apply a neutralizer to set the perm 

Root Perms 

This perming is the direct opposite of stack perms. While stack perms are done on the tips, the root perms are focused on the roots of your hair. This helps give volume to your hair. Once you have the required volume, you can now make your curls noticeable. 

Since perming your roots only gets you a bit of volume but no curls in real. They are attentive to the first few inches of your hair. 

Steps to Obtain Root Perms 

  • Apply perming lotion on the hair. 
  • Wash your hair with warm water with the rollers intact. 
  • Now apply the neutralizer and let it sit for some time. 
  • Wash your hair with cold water and remove the rollers. 
  • Once the hair is permed, there are very slight curls in the roots, often not visible. The only difference that you might observe is the increase in the volume. 

Root perms are an excellent solution for types of perms for short, thin hair. The only drawback in the root perm is that they only last for three months max. If you want, you will have to get an appointment again.  

Post-Perm Care Tips:  

FACT: Always remember to stay away from the shower in your first 24 hours. Let the chemicals set in and work their charm. The tightness of your hair can wear off if you step in the shower too soon. 

A famous case of Elle Woods was won over by the fact that she pointed out her witness for taking a shower right after getting the perms. All in all, the basic idea is to avoid taking showers right after your appointment.  

Because the perm procedure drains moisture, apply a deep-conditioning treatment like our Hydrating Mask afterward to keep your hair hydrated. The right Curl Shampoo and Curl Conditioner, developed to conserve moisture, decrease frizz, and help define curls, is recommended for long-term usage. 

Consider applying the beneficial curl cream to offer mild holdup to your waves, curls, or coils for extra memory. Try out the exfoliating nectar to avoid accumulation over time suggested by Daniel Hersheson. They are best for the types of perms for short hair guys.

Final Verdict: 

If you end up not satisfied with your hair, wait for a month or two to let your hair grow out. If you do like it, make sure to get your pictures taken to show them to your stylist in the future. Our guide will allow you to choose the best perming style for your hair based on your face fixtures and body style!


  • What kind of perm works on pixie haircuts? 

All types of perms for short hair look good when put in a pixie. If you want that sort of perm, you will need to let your hair grow out to the size of a bob. This way, the perm rods will be able to lift and create a pixie.  

  • Are perms good for short hair? 

Types of perms for short, thin hair are a women’s short hairstyle done by putting the hair in waves or curls and feasting it with a perm key to make the style last for months. There’s now no obstacle to achieving your curly hair goals because, honestly, nothing is unattainable with modern hairstyling techniques! 

  • Are perms in for 2021? 

As we exalt different hair textures, the perm was coming back in 2021. Perms for short hair Over 50 are an inspiration for diversity and fun, from actresses of the new generation, like Zendaya, to icons of music and cinema, such as Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts’ style in Pretty Woman. 

  • What size perm rods should I use for short hair? 

A smaller or tighter curl will require you to use around 36-46 rods. Loose beach waves will only need 15-27.  

  • Is it still demanding to get a perm these days? 

These types of perms for short hair are suitable for practically everyone. As long as the client’s hair is in good condition, it may be done on almost any hair type, including colored and highlighted hair. For people with highlights, traditional perms might be a touch too harsh.

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