Explore Types of Body Piercing – What Hurts the Most?

Nowadays, people love to pierce the specific part which they like. These types range from less painful to more pain. Through this article, you will learn many new things. So, let’s start. This article is for those who want to know the detail of different types of body piercing. However, many types of piercings are present in different body parts. 

Which Types of Body Piercing are Best for You?

types of body piercing

You can go for any type of piercing we will discuss later. But first, you need to know about your anatomy. Everyone has a different body, so piercing is also based on the shape of your body. Particularly, upper ear piercing and intimate piercing are based on your shape. 

So, it is important for you to choose the right types of body piercing. Besides, you should also select the right jewelry material that heals your piercing faster. We suggest you ask some necessary queries of a professional. You can also ask an expert body piercer if it is ok for you to pierce your body parts. 

Choosing Right Body Piercing Types:

Piercing is not only an attractive thing, but it also allows you to think about your lifestyle. Think whether piercing will work for your day-to-day life. Sometimes, you notice an issue in clothing or dress with certain body piercings. Let’s take an example. If you wear a helmet, it may disrupt your ear piercing. 

Some workplaces don’t allow you to go with some types of body piercing. It may be more dangerous if you work in a hazardous environment. It can cause many health issues. So, the right way to prevent such issues is to wear the right jewelry and aftercare. 

Each piercing has a different name in different countries. In this article, we will discuss the common name of piercings in the UK. Some names of piercings are based on the jewelry you wear. 

Pain Scale to Notice About Types of Body Piercing:

Now, body piercings are very famous among all cultures worldwide. The days are gone when only ear piercing was my favorite. Now each part of the body can be pierced. No matter whether you are in the workplace or boardroom. These piercings became part of your lifestyle. 

It is obvious that you have many types of body piercing to choose from a long list of piercing. Maybe you think about which piercing is more painful. We can’t answer this question confidently. Each individual has a different body and obviously a different pain level. We say confidently that each individual must feel little pain. Besides, everyone has a different tolerance level. 

Suppose you are happy that you will get a piercing in your body. If you are ready to experience a little pain, then we assure you will enjoy this experience. It is a good thing to be ready for pain than those who are worried about pain. 

Piercing Pain Scale For Popular Types of Body Piercing 

It is true that some body parts are more painful than others. We have heard from many people that piercing is more painful. They have experienced different piercings. 

The common rule of thumb is that if you have few nerves in the area. Then you will feel less pain. Here, we will discuss different types of body piercing according to their pain level, from less painful to more painful!

Genital Piercing

The genital is the area where many nerves are present. We can say it nerve a dense area of your body. 

FACT: There are almost 4,000 nerves in the penis that immerge from the pudendal nerve. So, we can say it is a little bit painful.

There are many ways to pierce a penis. These may vary from Prince Albert to the deep shaft. So, pain also varies based on location. 

Another genital part is the clitoris which is also sensitive and has many nerves. Suppose you are ready to tolerate more pain. Then clitoris piercing is many times more painful than other piercings. 

Nipple Piercing Pain Level

Among other body piercing types is the nipple. Though it is also the type of piercing, this area is sensitive. 

The fact is that nerves present in the nipples link with the brain. It is similar to the genital nerves. We consider both areas as erogenous. It means these piercings can overstimulate your brain for more joy. 

Besides all facts, it is true that the pain of this piercing is more than others. 

Nose Piercing Pain Level

The pain in nose piercing differs from area to area of the nose which you want to pierce. A septum piercing is a type of nose piercing. It is more painful but for less time. The good thing is that it can heal faster because the septum is thin. 

While in the case of a deviated septum, the pain of this piercing is worse. The reason is that the septum nerves of your nose are overactive.

Among different types of piercing nose is the high nostril piercing. It is near the nose top. However, it is less painful than septum piercing and takes a long time to heal. 

Dermal Piercing Pain Level

It is another more painful type of piercing that goes into your skin and doesn’t come out to the other end. You can get this piercing in any body part. But most people like to pierce their face, chest, lower back, or type of piercings lip. 

According to Christopher Lloyd, the pain level of this piercing varies according to the location. Besides, wearing jewelry crossing many layers of the skin may be more painful. Many types of piercings on the face come under this category. 

Least Painful Piercings

We have discussed more painful piercings. Some piercings are less painful. So, let’s explore these piercings if you have a low tolerate level:

Ear Piercing Pain Level

The most famous type of piercing is ear piercing, which is less painful. Besides, the best thing is that this piercing can heal faster.

Some types of ear piercings are more painful because of thick cartilage and more nerves. These include:

  • daith piercing
  • rook piercing
  • conch piercing

If you properly care for some ear piercings. Then these take only a month to heal. Besides, aftercare can minimize the risk of infection. 

Belly Button Piercing Pain Level

After ear piercings, belly button piercing is less painful. In this piercing, your umbilical cord is removed, leaving behind the thick tissue. It is not rich in nerves. 

Maybe you feel much pressure during the insertion of the needle. The reason is that tissue is hard to pierce. You may also feel pain, but this pain can remain for a few seconds. This piercing takes months to 1 year to heal. 

Tongue Piercing Pain Level

This piercing is done on the lower end of the pain spectrum. The issue is that this piercing is exposed to many germs during eating and drinking. Besides, this piercing is more at risk of infection and other issues. So, more aftercare for this piercing is necessary. 

It is good to brush and rinse your mouth using the saline solution. This way, this piercing can heal faster. 

Eyebrow Piercing Pain Level

Eyebrow piercing is another type of less painful piercing. The pain varies according to the piercing location. Suppose you get a piercing in the middle of your eyebrow. Then this area contains supraorbital nerves and is more painful. 

What it Feels Like to Get a Piercing?

types of body piercing

No matter which types of body piercings female you want in your body. All these are very painful. But some are more painful for a second when your part is pierced, and jewelry is inserted in it.

Some people consider it a tingle that quickly lessens. Most of the piercings are sore, and this situation remains for some weeks and even months. This situation is based on how much you care for piercing. 

Final Verdict:

We have discussed many types of body piercing based on different locations. The common piercings are abdominal, nose, oral, and ear. Two piercings are less famous such as genital and surface piercings. These are common in certain cultures and ages. 

Now, it is up to you which piercing you want in your body. We have done our duty and described each piercing in detail. You must go through our long list of piercing to make a better decision. 


What is the prettiest piercing?

If you are looking for a piercing that you only don’t like, but other people also like. Then the following are the types of piercings that you can go for:

  1. A tongue piercing is the better option to maximize your fashion. 
  2. Belly button piercing
  3. Nipple piercing
  4. Nose piercing
  5. Genital piercing 

What is the safest body piercing?

Not only belly buttons and nostrils are safe piercings. Earlobe piercing is also a safe and common type of piercing. If you regularly clean the pierced area of the earlobe. Then this piercing can heal faster. 

How many body parts can be pierced?

Many parts of the body can be pierced. These include lips, tongue, nose, eyebrows, nipples, and genital and belly buttons. People go for other types of piercing than an earlobe. They face 1/3 of the complications. 

What piercings hurt the most?

The following are the types of piercings according to pain level from more painful to less painful:

  • Genital piercing is done on the nerve-dense area of the body.
  • Nipple piercing is done on the sensitive area and is less painful than genital.
  • Nose piercing
  • Dermal piercing

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