Why did Spotify Logged Me Out? Top Reasons

There are billions of followers on Spotify. The reason is the fame and quality of music streaming on this platform. This platform allows users to listen to music from all over the world without paying any cost. While if there is any bug issue, people pass the query that Spotify logged me out automatically. In this manner, you can’t log in to this account.

You may also hear more music after upgrading your account to a premium one. Make sure to use Wireless Headsets for a better experience. You need to have an account to listen to music on this platform. 

Many people think about this issue and try to find the answer to this query to resolve this issue. That is why we will discuss the reasons behind this issue in this article. 

Why Did Spotify Logged Me Out?

Spotify Logged Me Out

Though there may be many reasons why Spotify logs out of your account, the main reason may be that Spotify has warned you about passwords and many devices. 

It means when you change the password from one device. Then Spotify logged me out of all devices in which you are logged in. 

Commonly it is a major issue for those who are using a share premium account. It happens when a person changes the password on a device and doesn’t inform others of it. Then Spotify automatically logs out of other devices. 

So, it is necessary for all those who are using the shared account to be aware of others if they change the password. The following are some other reasons why Spotify logged me out. These reasons are based on the analysis and experiments of other people. Read to know the major reasons behind this issue.

Subscription has expired

Why did Spotify log me out? Another reason for logging out of your Spotify account is when you have a premium account, and your subscription has expired. 

If you don’t know that your subscription has expired. It means there are many things that may happen:

 Your payment has defaulted

Maybe Spotify logged me out of the account if the payment method defaulted. It happens when Spotify tries to cut money from your account but is rejected. Suppose Spotify notices such an issue. Then it automatically logs you out of the account. So, you need to update the payment method to log in to your account. 

 Another user has canceled your subscription

It happens when you are using the shared premium account. So, when someone cancels the subscription without knowing you. Then Spotify logs you out of the account you are signed in to. So, it is necessary for those who are using the shared account to be aware of the change. 

App updates

Another major reason Spotify logged me out is that when your app needs an update and a full restart. Suppose your app has recently been updated on the device. Then you have to go to the Google play store. Then choose the account button on the right corner of the screen. 

This way, you may get an idea of which app requires an update and which apps have been updated. 

Suppose you see that the Spotify app needs to be updated and present in the latter list. It is the reason why Spotify has logged you out of your account. So, it is necessary for you to go to the app and log into it for the updated version


We have discussed many reasons why Spotify just logged me out. The main reason may be the delay in payment.

If there is no reason to log out, we have mentioned above. Then the only solution to solve this issue is to contact your Spotify team. 


Can Spotify log me out for no reason?

Some people think that Spotify logged me out because of many devices. But actually, it is because of some bug in your Spotify. Therefore, you may log out of Spotify for no reason. The best way to avoid such an issue is to change the password and log out of all devices. Then re-enter the password in the device you want to log in. 

Does Spotify delete inactive accounts?

Yes, Spotify always tries to delete inactive accounts, which is not the best thing for your Spotify account. 

How long does a Spotify Free account last?

When you subscribe to the account, you may get it free of cost. This free account may remain for a month. After one month, you have to recharge the account to renew it.

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