The Trend of Smiley Piercing – Everything You Must Know About it!

o you want to get a super unique and exciting oral piercing? If YES, then smiley piercing is the correct option for you. Frenulum piercing gives your smile a unique and beautiful touch. It is the most popular variation of piercing among people that love experiments.

The Frenulum is a thin skin strap that joins the upper lip and gum line. It might sound painful and awkward. It is the reason why it is so popular among adventurous people. 

Let’s explore this comprehensive guide to know everything you need to know about smiley-piercing. 

What Should You Know About Smiley Piercing?

It is a popular variation of mouth piercing. It is famous for the unique touch that it gives to your smile. There is a fun thing that is hidden unless you smile. It makes it a more popular choice for people who want to get an oral piercing. 

Since the Frenulum is an extremely sensitive and thin area, there are some risks with smiley-piercing. It has high chances of damage, infection, etc. 

Smiley Piercing

Popular Types of Smiley Piercing:

The process of piercing is quite simple. Once your piercing is fully healed, you can wear different types of accessories to look stylish and attractive. 

You can choose accessories according to your choice. Jewelry styles like horseshoe barbell, captive bead ring, curved barbell, circular barbell are famous piercing styles. All these piercing accessories are best to make your smile more attractive.

Captive bead ring is the most popular and trending piercing accessory.

The Trends of Smiley Piercing Jewelry Styles to Explore

The best thing about piercing is its charm to your smile. You can wear different types of piercing jewelry. The most popular jewelry trends for frenulum piercing are:

Piercing TypeTrendRatio of Use
Captive Bead RingIt is the most trending and popular smiley piercing jewelry style. It is a circular ring that closes at one end bead. Usually, it is used as the first smiley piercing ring. 7 Out of 10 People Like it
Seamless RingThe seamless ring is another famous jewelry style. You can also give an attempt after the complete healing of your piercing. 5 Out of 10 People Like it
Circular BarbellIt is known as a horseshoe barbell. It is a perfect choice for your initial piercing jewelry. It has a horseshoe shape with beads on both ends of the ring.6 Out of 10 People Like it

Does Smiley Piercing Hurt?

You might be thinking, does smiley piercing pain? Well, you can experience pain with all variations of piercings. There is a simple rule: you will experience less pain in the fleshier area. So, this general rule also applies to smiley piercing.

Another important factor for piercing pain is needle procedure. The best thing about piercing is its needle process lasts for just a few seconds. So, it will be over before you experience any pain. The piercing healing time can range from 4-8 weeks of piercing. 

Most people think piercing in the fleshy area hurts more. But piercing through a thin area hurts more than fleshy skin. Your Frenulum is a thin area; that is why you can experience sharp pain during the piercing process. 

Some people believe that it hurts more than any other type of piercing. Pain-sensitive people tend to feel more pain than other people during frenulum piercing.  

Certain Risks Involved with Smiley Piercing:

No doubt, a smiley piercing is a great way to make your smile more beautiful. But there are specific hazards concerned with piercing. The Frenulum is an extremely sensitive and thin area. If anything goes wrong during the piercing, you can end up with some side effects.

Before piercing, it is a good idea to talk about the following risk factors with your piercer. 


It is the most common risk factor linked with smiley piercing. The Human mouth has a lot of germs and bacteria that enter with food or drinks in our mouth. So, you might get a mouth infection after a smiley piercing.

Gum Recession: 

You can experience gum damage or recession if your piercing is incorrectly placed. Piercing jewelry placed too high that rubs with your gums or lips can also lead to gum recession. 

Smiley Piercing


In some cases, your body can show resistance against smiley piercing. It can start building up extra skin tissues to push jewelry out of the piercing. 

Enamel Damage: 

Incorrect placement of jewelry or large beads that get in touch with your teeth can damage teeth enamel. Smiley piercing with braces can also lead to enamel damage.  

How Can I Know If My Smiley Piercing Can Become Infected?

You can get a smiley piercing infection any time, even after it is completely healed. Especially, you are at high risk of developing an infection in the first 4-8 weeks of smiley piercing. 

You can ask your piercer about the ways to keep your piercing healthy not only in the first few weeks of piercing but also when your piercing is completely healed. 

If you have recently got a piercing, it is quite normal to feel redness, swelling, or mild pain in that area. Certain symptoms can be a sign that your piercing is infected. These symptoms are:

  • Irritation or redness around Frenulum 
  • Severe pain in that area
  • Swelling and throbbing pain
  • Tendered area
  • Green or Yellow secretion (Pus discharge)
  • Foul-smelling
  • Extreme pain and tenderness after piercing that lasts for weeks

If you have these issues, directly contact your doctor. Unfortunately, it is hard to spot a smiley-piercing infection. You should check your piercing daily by gently pulling your lip above any away from your teeth. It will help you to spot any infection in your piercing 

In addition, if you find out your smiley accessories are dropping, don’t take it lightly. It can clearly indicate an infection in your piercing or around the surrounding area.

What Should You Do with Your Smiley Piercing Infection?

You can experience mild pain or redness after piercing. However, if you notice excessive swelling, pain, or long-lasting redness, it can be a sign of infection. Don’t worry; follow these steps if you notice signs of piercing infection:

  • Rinse your mouth: 

Regularly rinse your mouth with saline solution (saltwater) to prevent any infection. Ensure the solution makes contact with the pierced area. Rinse your mouth after eating something. 

  • Clean your mouth: 

You can also clean your mouth with a sterile cotton ball and salt solution. Soak a clean cotton ball in saline water and clean piercing and its surrounding area. Follow the following steps to clean the pierced area properly.

  • Wash your hands properly with antibacterial soap. 
  • Dip a sterile cotton pad or ball in the saline solution.
  • Press the cotton ball gently on the piercing so that the solution falls onto it.
  • Now, allow the piercing to air dry. 
  • Apply this solution twice a day to the affected area regularly. 
  • Brush teeth: 

Try to use fruity and bubblegum flavor toothpaste. You should avoid mint toothpaste as it can irritate the piercing.

  • Use antibiotic cream:

You can also apply antibiotic cream like Neosporin with clean hands. Ensure to apply the cream with clean hands. 

  • Limit mouth activities: 

Try to limit mouth activities like blowing up balloons or playing instruments. It can increase the risk of entering bacteria into your mouth.

  • Consult Doctor: 

Contact your doctor right away if your infection symptoms get worse. Professional assistance can help you to determine the harshness of your situation and how you can overpower it. Your doctor will give you suitable antibiotics for infection. 

smiley piercing

Pros of Smiley Piercing:

  • It Makes You Look Stylish

A beautiful smile can make anyone look more attractive. Everyone wants to look stylish and make their smile beautiful. Smiley-piercings can be a perfect choice to add extra charm to your smile. When you smile, beautiful piercing jewelry reveals and makes your smile more attractive. The best thing you can experiment with is a lot of smiley piercing rings and accessories. 

  • The Piercing Procedure Is Very Easy

Most people avoid piercings because of their long-complicated process. But when it comes to smiley-piercing, you don’t need to worry about process complications. 

  • Smiley Piercing Procedure Takes Less Time

Usually, it gets done in a few seconds. The simple process of frenulum makes it happen in less time. The piercing process consists of two simple steps. 

  • Smiley Piercing Is Easy to Hide

Sometimes, you don’t want to reveal your piercings. A great thing about smiley-piercing is you can hide it easily as it is visible only when you smile, so you can hide it when you want. 

Cons of Smiley Piercing:

  • It Can Cause Gum Damage:

A disadvantage of frenulum piercing is indeed the danger of periodontal injury. Thus, if you’re worried about a  piercing pain in your teeth, stay away from it. The piercing of your Frenulum has an impact on your teeth and gums. When a smiley piercing with braces is put improperly, it results in a slow gum erosion. 

  • Smiley Piercing May Bring Several Mouth Infections:

Bacteria can multiply in the mouth because it is an ideal breeding site for them. Bacteria are produced naturally in the oral cavity when we eat or drink. Cigarettes, kissing, and other oral practices might also develop it. So there will be the risk of a smiley piercing infection if you are getting that one.

  • Smiley Piercing Can Cause Enamel Damage:

The huge beads and other smiley piercing jewelry styles rub over your teeth. As a result, the enamel is harmed.

How Can Smiley Piercing Be Done?

When you schedule an appointment for the piercing, the piercer will evaluate your Frenulum to see whether it is strong enough to support a piercing. You would not be ready to complete the surgery if your Frenulum is too thin. Having piercings on a Frenulum that is already thin can result in difficulties.

When your Frenulum isn’t the appropriate fit, don’t acquire one to prevent possible issues and agony. Pick a different sort of piercing that is less risky.

For sure, if the piercing expert feels that your piercing is appropriate, they will begin by providing you with an antimicrobial mouthwash.

After that, the piercer will display you the disinfected needle that will be used to pierce your Frenulum. They will constrain your upper lip to make an opening through the Frenulum in order to construct the hole appropriately.

smiley piercing

The needle will require around 3-5 secs to produce a suitable punching hole. Your smiley piercing rings will then be fitted into the hole by the piercer.

Your piercer will give you some follow-up recommendations once you’ve completed the major part of the piercing procedure. Please follow them to the fullest for a quick recovery.

The Overall Cost of Smiley Piercing:

The smiley-piercing will probably charge about $30 to $90, although rates vary depending on where you are in the globe. You would discover that, in comparison to other types of piercings, this one is quite costly.

However, this is due to the location; the Frenulum is a sensitive region of the mouth that necessitates precision and ability for a comprehensive process. 

FACT: According to conventional piercing protocol, you will also be required to offer a 20% gratuity. Since not every piercer offers the same rate, it’s a smart idea to compile a list of potential piercers and pick the one who ensures safety techniques at a reasonable cost.

Final Verdict:

We generally realize that body piercing, whether ear, lip, or nose piercing, has always been popular. On the other hand, Smiley piercing is a new method for obtaining a tiny hole whereby a piece of accessories can be inserted while smiling. Smiley-piercings have recently attracted the attention of fashionistas all around the world.

You can handle it better on whether or not to have a smiley piercing with the guidance of such a smiley piercing tutorial. Spend as long as you want to determine whether acquiring a piercing like this is the correct move for you.

If you decide to get a smiley-piercing, definitely follow the treatment recommendations in the smiley piercing healing time and enlighten yourself on the associated hazards. It will ensure your smiley piercing experience is more enjoyable and pain-free.

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