How to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram?

There are various reasons that people wanting to Sell Feet Pics on Instagram. Many assumptions are made about this field because it is generally regarded as a kink. Yet there are demands from businesses for feet and hand models, particularly in the cosmetics and beauty sector.

How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

1. Make A Business Instagram Account

If you don’t already have a unique Instagram account and Instagram followers for your new company, you should do so right now. It is best to start thinking of this as a company since it is one.

If you would like to remain anonymous, you should create a new account, even though you might want to maintain your old profile and photographs. If you’ve already liked it, you can also link your Facebook profile. However, we’ll speak more about creating ads on your images later.

Also, you should start considering creating a profile on a 3rd platform to organize your material and handle payments. The greatest site for this is FeetFinder, where you may sell your images and increase interest in your feet’ beauty content.

2. Get Professional Photographs Of Your Feet:

It’s essential to put your best foot forward in this profession, if possible. Your foot pictures must be perfect.

Get your feet properly taken by a photo if you want to attract the interest of model scouts. They use a real phone that has a really nice camera.

The really important thing is performance. But, you are not needed to become a photographer if you simply want to sell pictures of your feet online as a pleasure rather than your profession.

3. Enhance And Edit Your Pictures:

There are many photo-editing tools that may make your image look professional. The most common seems to be Facetune.

Also, you can use Instagram’s editing tools to create the desired look before uploading.

However, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform. Therefore quality has to be high to be capable of standing out from the competitors. The goal is to look professional and have a good aesthetic.

4. Post Regularly, And Be Active Online:

It should go without saying that stability is important for Instagram page growth. Your fans will be more interested in your content as you share higher-quality photos.

Making a weekly calendar in preparation will help you stay consistent by providing you with information on when and what to post.

One of the most important things any brand or influencer must do on Instagram to increase engagement and follower numbers is to post often.

5. Be Up-To-Date On The Latest Trends:

Keeping up with the most recent trends is another simple strategy to stay current in your chosen sector. Use the ideas that are trending at the time and give them your own twist. You never know! It might become popular, increase interaction, and ultimately boost sales.

To keep up with the most recent feet picture trends. They make absolutely sure you have already been following similar content creators.

6. Create A Rate That Works For Your Audience:

Start small but with a big idea. Start selling pictures of your feet on Instagram by persuading followers with a discounted price.

You can begin by offering your goods for as little as $10 each. Increase your price once you feel you have generated enough first sales.

As an alternative, consider using the marketing method of providing savings when purchasing many images.

To attract customers online, several people use this strategy. Initially, you can sell four photographs for $40 or offer to buy two, get one free deal.


The truth is that many people choose to use apps like FeetFinder. Programs like Sell Feet Pics on Instagram are designed to store and promote this kind of information. Paying your followers is quite simple to do. There are more people who can find you through them.

You are ineffective in altering it. Create an account on those platforms as well, and be open to this idea. They will charge you a fee for each sale. However, it is still something to think about if your sales are improving!

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