Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra VS s22+ Review

Samsung is the most famous and reliable smartphone brand in the market. All the flagship models of this brand are outstanding. In early 2021, the S21 was launched, and till now, it has gained much fame. While in 2022, another new model S22 was launched, which showed more buzz in the mobile market. Now is the time to compare s21 ultra VS s22+. After that, you will easily decide which model you should choose. 

Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra VS s22+ Brief Guide:

s21 ultra VS s22+

The excellent performance, quality cameras and elegant design make it a famous model. But in 2023, another new model called S22 Ultra was launched, which overcame the fame of the S21. 


Design is the main factor that differentiates both models. Though S22 lie in the S-series of the phone, it has Note like design. The corners of this model are sharp and boxy. The screen of this model falls on the sides, but both sides of the frame are flat. It is up to you which design you want to choose for the next use. Most people prefer the angular note series, such as S22, while some people prefer to use the old S21 ultra. 


When it comes to comparing the display of s21 ultra VS s22+ plus spaces, then you may see many identical things in both models. The brightness and display of the S22 is 1,750 nits, while the display of the S21 ultra is 1,500 nits. It is a major improvement in the new model. Though S21 has more brightness, it is not the one I should prefer. 

The S21 model has LPTO technology with varying refresh rates, such as 10Hz and 120Hz. This rate may vary based on what is happening on the screen. In comparison, the refresh rate of s22 is 1Hz and 120Hz. It shows that this model consumes more power and always uses more display. 


When it comes to comparing the software experience of the s21 ultra VS s22+, you may see both models show similar software experience. Both models are upgraded and use Android 13. The S series of S21 with 1 UI 5.1 comes under the Samsung S22 series. It is proved that for the next few years, the S21 will use one UI update. While after some years, there will be some security patches with Android 14 and 15.  

Performance and Connectivity:

Though both models look similar in performance and connectivity, the S22 model has a modern chipset with a fast charging system. In comparison, the hardware of this model is not different from S21. This model comes up with a new 1TB tier but less RAM than the old models. 

While the S21 has 12GB RAM for 256GB models, the 512GB model contains 16GB RAM. On the other hand, the 128GB model of the S22 has 8GB RAM. But all the other generations have 12GB RAM. 

Battery Life and Charging:

Both phones are similar in terms of battery life, which is almost 5,000mAh. But the charging time may vary in both models. This variation is based on the usage of phones throughout the day. When you use both models for less time, these may run for two days. 

As s21 ultra VS s22+ ultra-battery life is suitable for users. But their battery system may become damaged because of continuous charging and discharging cycle. So always care for the battery life of both models. 


Cameras of the s21 ultra VS s22+ camera look almost similar. But the camera system of S22 is the latest compared to S21. The camera has a 108MP main sensor with a wide aperture and a better lens. So it allows the camera to gather more light. Moreover, S22 create 12MP images with full clarity and details. So you should go for this option for the next time. 

Key Differences to Consider: Samsung Galaxy s21 Ultra VS s22+

s21 ultra VS s22+

The following are some benefits of s21 ultra VS s22 plus:

Reasons to Consider the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

  • Superior camera quality
  • 222% best performance
  • This phone is the latest in the market
  • It has 32g less weight
  • Support high-watt charging

Reasons to Consider the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The following are some reasons to buy the S21 Ultra:

  • 32% high pixel density
  • The camera comes up with a 10x zoom
  • This model has 500mAh more battery capability


You have read the comparison of s21 ultra VS s22+. It is never a wise decision to buy a mobile with minor specs. Always invest in the right phone, such as S22 Ultra. However, this mobile is a less good option than the S23 Ultra. But still, it is the better option for many users. This model is different and more recommended than S21 ultra because of its many specs. 


What’s better, Samsung S22+ or Ultra?

To enjoy the best camera, make sure to go for the S22 Ultra. It does not mean other models are not good for you. The non-ultra models give you a 50MP sensor to enjoy. But the only bad thing is that these models don’t have 10x zoom capacity. 

Does the S22 have a better camera than the S21 Ultra?

Though S21 has the best camera, S22 Ultra has 10x zoom, which is better than S21. This camera gives you better photos with more clarity, less noise and better details. 

Which is better, S22 or S21?

When it comes to comparing the durability of both models, we can proudly say that the S22 Ultra is better than S21. The back and front of this model are packed with Gorilla glass. While the s21 only has this glass on the front. But both these models are best to resist dust and water. 

Is Galaxy S22 Ultra worth buying?

Yes, it is worth buying the S22 phone. This model is the best whether you want to take photos or play games. Moreover, this model is packed with the latest technology. This model has 8-gen Snapdragon and 8GB RAM. That is why many users prefer to go for this option.

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