Rook Piercing Trends – Everything to Know About it

Are you curious to know about rook piercing and its trends? 

Well! You are at the right place where you can get information about rook piercing. It is a piercing that is present between the ear canal and the upper edge of the ear. You need almost 6-9 months for the healing of rook piercing. 

Further, the cost for this piercing is almost 30-80$. However, this piercing goes through the cartilage, which is very painful. That is why it takes so much time to heal. 

To know more about it, you must continue reading our article. We will tell you what you have never heard before. 

Rook Piercing – Does it Hurt?

Rook Piercing

A rook piercing is the piercing of the upper rim of the ear, and it is also known as vertical piercing. However, it is the piercing of the antihelix of your ear. So, it takes almost 14-16 instruments, depending on the strength of the antihelix. 

It is a widespread piercing, and only professionals can do it. For professionals, it is nothing more than only ten minutes of piercing. 

Though this piercing goes through 2 layers of cartilage, it is more painful than other piercings. But most people prefer it because the process for rook piercing is very fast. 

Rook Ear Piercing Variations and Placements

Rook piercing is a very common and stylish type of piercing. It is because it can enhance the beauty of your ear. No one focuses on the fact that it is only placed in specific areas. However, many areas are present in an ear for piercing. So, people get confused about where to pierce the ear. 

Trendiest Rook Piercing Types

Before getting the rook piercing, you need to explore its types. You have to search for how each type of this piercing works and appears on your face. 

Major TypesHow it Works
Faux Rook PiercingIn this piercing, the instruments used for piercing are used horizontally above the inner rim. At the same time, its backing is behind the ear. 
Anti-RookIn this piercing, an instrument goes through the ear, backing to the tip of the rim. 
Double RookIn this piercing, there are two vertical dumps in the inner cartilage of the ear above the rim. 

Preparations Before Rook Piercing

Before getting the rook piercing, you need to focus on several before-care terms. These tips will assist you in maintaining the care and health of your nose after piercing and avoiding certain infections. 

  • Maintain Strong Immune Capability:

A strong immune system is essential if you want to pierce your ear. It helps your piercing to heal faster. You also need to rest almost 8 hours a day from the day of piercing. Taking enough water is also essential for your piercing to heal quickly. Drinking too much is not only suitable for piercing but also prevents you from getting the flu. 

  • Check Your Body Temperature before Piercing:

Further, if you have a fever, you can reschedule the piercing by asking the piercer. You should also consult the health provider before piercing. It is because some people have thin cartilage, so piercing is not suitable for them. 

  • Make Sure to Use Anti-Allergy Metals:

Further, make sure that you don’t have a metal allergy. Besides, ensure to wear jewellery that is not made of nickel. 

  • Avoid Drinking Alcohol-Made Drinks:

Don’t drink alcohol or drugs some weeks before piercing. It is because alcohol thins your blood and the chances of more bleeding during piercing increase. Similarly, drugs affect your health and immune system. 

After piercing, you feel tired, so you must buy items for your aftercare. For this, you can buy quality sea salts, cotton pads and tissues. Remember, aftercare is essential for your piercing to heal faster. 

How Long Do Rook Piercings Take to Heal?

Rook piercing takes almost six months to be fully healed. At the same time, the area around the piercing can take nearly a year or more to heal. It is based on your immune system, health and how you care for your piercing. 

Keeping hands away from your fresh piercing can help it to heal faster. When you touch, press and pull piercing, it can cause swelling and slow healing. Fortunately, touching the rook piercing is difficult because it is present deep inside the ear. 

How to Care for a Rook Piercing

For full healing and prevention from infection, you need to follow some steps. These can take away all complications from your piercing. 

  • Don’t Touch It:

Leaving alone piercing is a challenging but critical step for any piercing to heal faster. According to McGaffney, touching fresh piercings can bring many complications. So, the best thing is not to touch your piercing.

  • Clean It Regularly:

The other step is cleaning the piercing at least two times a day for the first six months. The following are the steps that will help you in the cleaning of rook piercing:

  1. Before touching to piercing, you must wash your hands
  2. After that, spray a sterile solution on your piercing and rinse it. You can purchase this solution from a pharmacy or medical store. But make sure that the solution has a label of wound wash on it. 
  3. In case the solution is going to your ear canal. Then you can soak a cotton pad in the solution and wipe the piercing area with it.
  4. After cleaning, use a dry towel to dry the piercing carefully.

It is good if you don’t use fibre items to clean your piercing area. It is because these can leave fibres behind that can lower the healing rate. 

  • Be Careful While Sleeping:

Don’t sleep on the piercing side for almost 4-6 months. According to McGaffney, you should use travel pillows to keep your head off the piercing area.

Further, you must also wash pillow covers daily to avoid any infection. Besides, you should also dry wet hair before going to sleep. 

  • Wait to Change your Jeweller:

After completely healing the piercing area, you can change your jewellery. But never try to do it on your own because it can cause an issue. So, take help from a professional to change the jewellery. 

Is Rook Piercing Dangerous? 

Rook piercing is also dangerous as are many other types of cartilage piercings. You don’t need to care about natural things. One of these is the swelling that occurs for 1-2 weeks of rook piercing. But if you face this issue for a long time and also feel pain. Then it can be any infection, so you must consult the doctor. 

Suppose you clean the piercing two times a day and don’t touch it. Then you don’t face any issues in the healing of the piercing. But you must know that migration may occur in some cases. Further, in case of movement of jewellery from the original site. Then you need to ask the piercer to take some actions. 

Further, you can choose any one of the types of rook piercing. One type is the double rook piercing, in which two piercings are present together. However, the shape and size of each ear are different. So, you need to ask the piercer if double rook piercing is good for you or not. 

Final Verdict:

We have discovered many trends in rook piercing. So, we suggest you not sleep on the fresh piercing side. It can cause any issue with your piercing, so wait until it’s healing. When you put pressure on the new piercing, it prevents the piercing from healing. So, as a result, it causes migraine in an individual. 

After the healing of the piercing, you can sleep easily. But sometimes, you feel the tilting of your piercing. So, the best alternative to this option is the U-shaped pillow. It provides space for your ear. Read our complete guide before getting your nose pierced with Rook!


What is the Rook piercing good for? 

A major misconception about rook piercing is that it helps to relieve migraine. But it is not true for it; it is only true for daith piercing. Here is the place where people are always confused about two piercings. The rook piercing is the best piercing to add to your ear piercing. But it is not related to giving any health benefits. 

Does Rook piercing help with anxiety? 

It is excellent to think that rook piercing can help people to relieve anxiety. But it is also common for Daith piercing. There have been found many benefits of daith piercing to relieve stress. It also helps to reduce the effects of migraines by working on the pressure points.

Are daith and rook piercings the same? 

No, both are different things. The rook piercing and daith piercing are present in other places. The rook piercing is present on the middle rim of the ear upper to the daith. At the same time, the daith piercing is present on the inner rim of the ear.

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