Which Nose Piercing Side is in Trend? Comprehensive Guide

Are you interested in nose piercing? Do you need to know how it is beneficial for you? Well! We have written this expert guide only for you. So, you should read our guide to learn more and more about nose piercing side

In old times and in this modern time, women love to wear rings. It not only symbolizes styles but also shows fashion details. Further, wearing a ring is a sign of religion and socialization in some communities.

nose piercing side

In Hindu culture, nose piercing was the traditional thing. Some people think that they can get a more mature look if they get a nose piercing. But now, it is the fashion that most people like. Women from all over the world love this fashion. Not only women but men are also in deep love with this fashion. 

Besides fashion, nose piercing also has some benefits. But unfortunately, we are not aware of those benefits. So, let’s take a look at all the factors and benefits of nose piercing.

History and Trend of Nose Piercing

When we talk about the history of nose piercing, then several things come up. It was first discovered in Australia around 44,000 BC. Many aboriginal people used to wear bone nose rings, and it is still in fashion. In the Bible, you can also show the trend of nose piercing in old times. 

In Genesis, you can explore that Abraham gave a nose ring to his daughter-in-law at the time of marriage with Isaac. At the same time, there are several components of nose piercing that are against tattoos.

nose piercing side

The piercing became famous in the 60s and 70s in Hindu culture. Several people from all over the world traveled to India in search of spiritual illumination. At the same time, several women wear rings to show their revolution against old values. The piercing was a sign of revolt, confidence, and liberty of selection.

Left Side Nose Piercing 

Most people think which side of the nose is the best for piercing. Both sides, whether it is right or left, are good for piercing. But the left side is more in trend for piercing. Although, we have not found any logical evidence about it. But in several Hindu traditions, women like to pierce the left side. The reason is that women think it strengthens their wombs. So, as a result, It reduces menstrual and childbirth pain. 

Right Side Nose Piercing

Some people love to pierce their nose on the right side. Although, people say that men pierce their noses on the right side. At the same time, females pierce their noses on the left side. Though it is not proven from any study, or there is no logic behind it. It just depends on your choice of which side you want to pierce. 

There are many misconceptions that the side of the nose should be decided according to a person’s sexuality. But it is a myth, and there is no truth in it. You just need to know how you are comfortable and which side you like.

Why Pick the Left Nose Piercing Side? 

You can pick a nose piercing both sides of your nose for piercing. But if you are confused and can’t decide. Then several things can help you to choose the best side. The two main factors that help to choose the side are culture or values. The history of nose piercing depends upon cultural significance. You can also explore its history in the Bible. 

In old Chinese, the right side of the nose was used by males for piercing. At the same time, the left side is used by females for piercing. The reason for it is that females use the left side for facial piercing. In contrast, males use the right side for facial piercing. On the other hand, there is no right or left side in the modern era. You can even choose a nose piercing double side for nose piercing as well.  

You just need to decide which side is for your personal and traditional reasons. Then it becomes the best side for piercing.

nose piercing side

Things to Consider While Choosing Nose Piercing Side?

When you are confused about what nose piercing side on a girl looks great Then you must consider some important factors. These things will help you to choose the best side. The following are the factors that must be considered:

Face Shape

If you have a symmetrical shape, then you can use either side of the face for piercing. While, if you have an asymmetrical face, then you need to decide which side is the best. For this, you should first use any artificial nose ring. Then it will help you to decide which side you should prefer.


It is important to know which hairstyle you carry while thinking nose piercing which side is good to go with. Suppose you have hairs that fall on one side of your face. Then you need to pierce your face from the other side. It enhances the beauty and visualization of your nose ring. Further, you need to keep your hair away from the fresh piercing. It helps your nose to heal quickly.

Facial Features & Other Piercings

You should also consider which type of nose piercing side you already have on your face if you have beauty marks and other piercings on one side. Then you must choose the opposite side of the nose for piercing. If you don’t consider it, then it becomes messy on your face with many piercings. 

Further, if you have other piercings on your face, then you should also consider which type of jewelry you should wear on your nose. For this, you must match your other jewelry with your nose jewelry.  

Health Benefits of Nose Piercing:

Several scientists are claiming that there is no health benefit of nose piercing. The reason is that they have not found any evidence about it. According to several cultures, nose piercing has many health benefits. So, it is true that piercing is very beneficial for health all over the world. The main nose piercing side effects carry many zodiacal uses.

Nose piercing or other types of piercing show the fashion sense of females. In this modern era, piercing is not specific to one fender. Now both males and females pierce their bodies as a fashion. Every person has different reasons for nose piercing. So, here are some health benefits that you should know. Without wasting time, let’s discuss some healthy benefits:

  • To cure respiratory problems:

Some people find it strange that your right nose piercing side helps to solve respiratory problems. But this remedy is very useful for respiratory issues. So, it is based on the material and the size of the ring that you wear on your nose.

Suppose you use supreme quality material, like gold, in your nose. Then it is more beneficial because it is accurate. Further, if you use a small size nose pin, then it is also beneficial.

  • Regulate female vitality and childbirth

In old times, the left nose piercing side was given more importance to Hindus. The reason for it is that they thought nose piercing could regulate female vitality. So, it also helps the female during childbirth.

  • Regulate mental health

Several studies show nose piercing is useful for mental health. According to all these studies, a pierced nose regulates the wavelength of the brain. So, as a result, it helps in the regulation and stability of the brain. 

It is also considered if you have a left side nose piercing. Then it will develop confidence and focus on you.

nose piercing side
  • Better immune system

According to studies, it has been concluded that the right nose piercing side is very useful in the immune system. Suppose you use high-quality piercing material like gold. Then it will purify the air that we use in breathing and develop better immunity.

The Trend of Nose Piercing in the Modern Era:

The nose piercing as a fashion is becoming famous in the US and Europe. So, it is quickly becoming the most famous trend all over the world. At the same time, some families don’t like nose piercings. 

Some people think that it is against the culture and traditions of any society. In this modern era, some people don’t hire people who wear nose rings. They think that the nose ring-wearer is perky or revolted.

Further, in this modern era, all the myths about nose rings completely disappear. Now, you can pierce your nose either on the right or left side. Further, both males and females can wear nose rings at any age.

Final Verdict:

Finally, we have discussed nose piercing sides effect and their evolution. It has several health benefits for the wearer. If a woman wears a nose ring, then it has several meanings of cultural and religious values. While in this modern era, males and females wear nose rings only for fashion.

It is believed that if you pierced your nose from the left side. Then it minimizes health issues like it reduces pain during the menstrual cycle. Further, it is also true that left-side nose piercing helps to reduce pain during childbirth. Further, if you are not interested in religious and spiritual values and want to wear a nose ring, then you should first consider some factors that will help you to choose the best side.

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