Factors to Consider Before Getting an Industrial Piercing Infection

Are you interested in getting an industrial piercing? First, you should visit your local piercing studio and get your ear examined by a professional piercer before getting a piercing. Not everybody is qualified for an industry, so don’t consider starting if you do not have the anatomy. But don’t worry; we’ve covered everything about industrial piercing infection.

The ear in the left image does not quite have as much of an edge fold on the cartilage as the ear in the right image, as can be seen. It’s important to have that fold on the edge since it is where you can put an industry bar. You may find numerous issues of industrial piercing keloid if you attempt to pierce an ear like the one in the left-hand photo.

Things You Should Know Before Getting Industrial Piercing

Industrial Piercing infection

FACT: With 12% of men and 72% of women having some kind of body piercing, industrial piercings are becoming increasingly popular.

Making the proper selection for your piercing is now more crucial than ever because of the explosion in body piercing use. Explore further to know about piercing before getting it done!

How to know if you can get an industrial piercing

Although most people can get an industrial piercing infection, not everybody is a strong choice. Look at the details and shape of your ear to obtain a better idea. Piercing jewelry may not be the ideal choice for you when the top of your ear does not have a visible ridge. However, when your ears are smaller, professional piercings might also be a problem.

You should be prepared to go with the procedure if the structure of your ear is sufficient to support your piercing sufficiently. To make sure you know what to expect, be sure to go over the procedure with the piercer. Also, know how much industrial piercing costs?

The following are the top four factors to be aware of before obtaining piercing:

#1: Pain:

Given where the piercing is, piercing will be painful. When you have a high pain sensitivity, though, you might not even feel any pain. Sleeping could also be extremely painful for you.

#2: Sickness:

Avoid getting industrial piercing infection whenever you’re feeling unwell, in general. Being ill makes the process much more painful and increases your chance of developing an infection or experiencing other adverse effects.

#3: Aftercare Instructions:

While pain and bleeding could or may not be present, it is important to follow the treatment instructions to prevent the piercing bump and speed up the process of healing. During the first few weeks, you should really not touch your piercings. However, you must always cleanse your hands before cleaning piercing.

#4: Healing Takes Time:

The industrial piercing infection simply won’t heal on its own. Be patient as the process occurs. You should really be able to accelerate the recovery process. While also reducing discomfort and inflammation if you remain on top of the washing and care procedures. You should also examine how well you have previously recovered from cartilage problems. 

Industrial Piercing Healing Process:

Industrial Piercing infection

So how much industrial piercing healing time does it require? The healing process for piercing will be the same as for any other cartilage piercing. Healing typically takes two to three months, although it could take longer. Before starting your aftercare program, consult with your piercer to be certain you are completely healed.

In addition to following the standard aseptic technique, you’ll need to take extra care with the piercing to prevent jewelry snagging. Hair can easily become tangled in the professional barbell and tug against jewelry. 

It is relatively simple to harm the skin in industrial piercing keloids, causing problems like hypertrophic scarring. Because of this, some people choose cartilage studs to keep as their piercings heal.

What Jewelry Materials Are Used For an Industrial Piercing?


Steel is the most popular form of metal for piercings since it has reasonable problems and is available in a number of colors. Surgical steel will, however, irritate the skin if you are allergic to nickel. Also, you need to choose the best dermatologist to get an industrial piercing near me.


Since titanium doesn’t contain nickel and is, therefore, significantly less likely than all metals to irritate the skin, it is regularly used for piercings. It also comes in a variety of colours, is lightweight, and won’t tarnish or corrode.


Whether you want to wear yellow, rose, or white gold jewellery, it should be at least 14 karat or more because 18-karat gold is too soft and will create holes that could harbour bacteria.


A piercing that makes a statement is industrial piercing. But how much does industrial piercing cost and heal? It is only one of the several options available to you. It’s a two-for-one piercing where two holes are connected with a single earring. 

These holes are typically seen at the top of the ear. Early in the 1990s, the style became famous among jewellery lovers. Now that the alternative era is experiencing a recovery that is expected to last, it appears. Therefore, there isn’t any better opportunity than the present to think about obtaining one along with an industrial piercing keloid!


How difficult is an industrial piercing?

Not for the weak, this position. Between the thickness of the cartilage and the discomfort of having two piercings done in the same place at once, the pain level is fairly significant. Industrial piercing is considered to be about a 7/10 on the pain scale.

How do you tell if your ear can take an industrial piercing?

The majority of people can have an piercing done on their ears. The upper section of certain people’s ears, however, lacks a distinct ridge. You should have no difficulty getting into an industry if your ear has a visible ridge that runs first from the upper section of the ear to halfway.

Does industrial piercing give skin concerns in the long term?

Industrial piercings could end in long-lasting skin concerns, providing you with a large scar or keloids. (This will mostly be a cosmetic issue because some people may feel identity about these obvious marks.)

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