How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Instagram?

Instagram is the most famous and biggest social media platform. This platform allows millions of people to interact with each other. Through this platform, you may start a new business and earn passive income. The best feature of Insta is the followers. Now the question is how to see someone’s recent followers on InstagramThis article will highlight the answer to this question. 

Maybe you have started a new business and want to increase followers. Maybe you have got new followers and want to see them. At first, insta new followers were on top while the old ones were on the bottom. While now, there is no sequence of new or old followers. Now, followers on Instagram are present in a random manner. 

How to See Someone’s Recent Followers on Instagram?

how to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram

How to see someone’s followers on Instagram privatelyIn the past, Instagram preferred to list followers in chronological order. But now the policy of insta has been updated, which shows the random order of followers. Moreover, insta doesn’t allow you to see someone’s followers without permission. So, we will discuss some tips to see insta followers. 

Technique to See Someone’s Recent Followers

How to see someone’s recent followers on InstagramIn the first technique, we are focusing on seeing followers on Mobile devise and the web version. For this, you need to visit the profile and click followers. Then you will see the number of followers on the profile in order. It means the new followers will be on top of the list. 

Make sure to refresh this chronological list many times before leaving the page. We don’t guarantee that you will see followers in chronological order. 

When you use this technique, you just get an idea about the new followers. But keep in mind that these followers will not be in chronological order. 

The same will be the process to see followers on the web version:

  • Go to the web of insta and open Instagram
  • Then add the profile name of the person you want to check
  • After that, visit the profile
  • Then check the follower’s section
  • At last, you will see the number of followers

Though you can’t see the followers in chronological order, sometimes, followers are present in chronological order. 

How to See When Someone Starts Following on Instagram?

how to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram

How to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram? Instagram is the most famous and best social platform that allows people to interact with each other. The reason for fame is that many businesses use this platform to attract more customers. Moreover, the content on this platform is very engaging, excellent, and entertaining. 

Though many people post and like the posts of other people. In comparison, there are many people who don’t post and like the posts. They are only viewers. They just want to see the activities of other people. 

Can you See if Someone Recently Started Certain Followers on Instagram?

Do some people ask how to see someone’s recent followers on Instagram? Actually, there is no right way to see followers on Instagram. You can just see the number of followers if the account is private. Moreover, if the account is public, you may see followers in random order.

How to see someone’s newest followers on Instagram? The only possible way to know who the new follower of the profile is is to write the names of all followers on an excel sheet. So, make sure to check the follower’s time by time. This way, you may get an idea if there will be new followers. 


As you see followers in sequence on Facebook. But Instagram doesn’t show you such a manner. It means you can’t see insta followers in sequential order. 

How to see someone’s recent followers on InstagramNow the best thing about Instagram is the strict privacy policy. Insta doesn’t allow people who are not following you to see your followers. 

While your followers list only has 200 or less than its followers. Then there are many chances that this list is organized alphabetically. It means you may see recent followers on top and old followers on the bottom. 


How do you see someone’s following in order?

If you want to hide followers on insta, make sure to visit the profile when you notice that someone has followed you late in the order. You may choose the most recent followers to remain on top. 

Does Instagram show followers in order?

Yes, Instagram shows followers in order. It means your new followers appear on top of the page. In comparison, the previous followers appear at the bottom of the list.

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