How Bad Does a Smiley Piercing Hurt You? Expert Guide

How bad does a smiley piercing hurt? It is a commonly asked question, so we are here to answer it. To know the answer, you should read our complete article. But firstly, you should know about smiley piercing.

It is also called frenulum piercing, in which tissues have piercings that link the upper lip with the upper gum. If you want to find it, then you need to keep your lip closed and keep your tongue straight. You will feel a thin layer of skin between lip and gum; it is the frenulum.

The name of smiley piercing is just because you can’t see it until you smile. But remember, it is not good for everyone, so you must know whether it is good for you or not. We will also discuss smiley piercing pros and cons.

What Happens When You Pierce Your Gums?

The important thing that you must know is that you are not piercing your gums. You have done your piercing in your frenulum that links upper lips with gums. You should know that the most important area where the piercing is done is in the upper part of the mouth. This area is in front of the 2 teeth. 

The other area where you can pierce your mouth is the lower portion. It is an area where your lower lip links with the lower gums. This type of smiley piercing is known as frowny piercing. 

how bad does a smiley piercing hurt

Almost everyone likes to pierce gums because, most of the time, piercing is hidden. So, when you close or open your mouth, then your jewelry can’t be seen. But during your smile, the decoration of piercing comes out and gives your smile a glowing look. 

What Are the Risks of Gum Piercings?

Most people are worried that gums piercing can damage their teeth. Not only can this piercing harm you, but all types of piercings can harm you. According to the research, it has been concluded that oral piercing can harm your mouth. The reason is that in oral piercing, millions of bacteria live in your mouth and cause risk. So, the chances of infection of your mouth increase rather than the pierced ears. You should know about smiley piercing pros and cons.

The following are the problems that you face during piercing:

  • Infection and inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Scratching
  • Rooted jewelry that needs surgical elimination
  • A rare release from the piercing
  • Injury to your teeth and gums. When you use a metal ring with enamel, it rubs against your teeth and causes irritation to your gums and inner lips. 
  • Allergy due to metal jewelry. This type of injury can harm you when it is not made of surgical-grade metal. So, the signs of this allergy appear in those who are metal sensitive. 

So, if you have done piercing in your gums and any harmful symptoms appear, then consult the dentist. The reason is that they know everything about these issues and refer you to the right doctor if required. 

Type of Jewelry Options for In-Mouth Piercing 

The following are the jewelry forms that are available for smiley piercing at home. You can get the one that matches your need:

1. Captive Bead Ring

These are the best type of jewelry that is commonly used if you recently pierce your smiley. These are round in shape with a small bead, but it is bigger than the snap opening. It has holes that are parallel to the ring endings.

2. Circular Barbell

It is a beautiful and stylish piece of piercing jewellery and is also known as a horseshoe barbell. This name is due to its U shape that has beads at both ends. It is a good option for those who recently have pierced their mouth. The reason is that the beads present in both ends keep the ring in place. 

3. Seamless ring

It is the most famous piece of piercing jewellery that has an opening to connect two ends. The name of this piece is just because it has a seamless look and is continuous. The other reason is that it can link without any beads. 

Materials to Choose From

The following are the options of materials that you can choose for smiley piercing at home:

Surgical Titanium

If you have an issue of allergy or your skin is sensitive, then you can use this type of material. It is best to avoid any type of allergies and hypersensitivity reactions.

Surgical Stainless Steel 

It is also the best option for almost everyone because it is hypoallergenic. But remember, you will feel little irritation when you insert it in your piercing. 


It is a good option for almost everyone who has smiley piercing because it is non-corrosive hypoallergenic.


If you use pure gold commonly, 14 karat is the best option for everyone. It should be used when your piercing healing process starts. It is important for you to take pure gold because if you take 18 karat gold, then it is not durable. As a result, you will feel an infection in your piercing after some time. 

How Much Does A Smiley Piercing Cost?

How much is a smiley piercing? It is a commonly asked question, so; we are here to answer it. Most people want to know the price of the piercing, but it is not so costly. The common price that piercers charge for piercing is about 30 to 90 USD. But don’t consider the cost of the jewellery at this price. 

Further, you should firstly check whether the place is hygienic or not. You should also consider if they use sterilized material; otherwise, it may cause infection. 

Frenulum Piercing Process

If you want to know about the piercing process and how bad does a smiley piercing hurts? Then you should read these steps to know everything about it. The process of piercing doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete. 

Step 1:

Firstly, a rinsing antibacterial solution is given to you to rinse your mouth. 

Step 2:

When you have done rinsing, and your mouth is clean. Then the piercer will fix your upper lip in the position that he can see your frenulum.

Step 3:

After that, your piercer will start piercing with the help of a large, sterilized needle.

Step 4:

In the end, the piercer will place the jewellery that you want in your piercing’s hole. If you want to keep your ring in place, then he will use beads to fix it. 

how bad does a smiley piercing hurt

Does Getting A Smiley Piercing Hurt?

Most people want to know the answer to this question. Do they also want to know how bad a smiley piercing hurts? So, we can answer that any type of piercing hurts you. If you pierce your frenulum, then remember that it is the sensitive area that will cause pain. But if the area is more muscular, then it will cause less pain. It is true that the tissues present in your frenulum are delicate, but these are strong. So, these can easily keep your piercing ring in place. 

Further, everyone has different levels of pain tolerance. If you can tolerate less pain, then the pain of piercing hurts you a lot. Though the pain of piercing will last for a few seconds, then it will go away. 

Smiley Piercing Healing Process

It is expected that you can take at least 4 to 12 weeks for healed smiley piercing. Though your mouth can heal fast, remember bacteria present in your mouth cause infection. So, it is important for you to follow after-care rules to avoid any type of infection. 

After-care Rules

You don’t have to put effort into the healing of your mouth. If you are thinking about how bad does a smiley piercing hurts, then it is very easy and quick proof but the main thing you should consider is after-care rules. The following are the tips that help you in the healing process:

Tip 1:

In other piercings, you use saline soaking, but mouth piercing prevents you from saline soaking. In this, you need to use saline solution and ensure to keep your frenulum soak for extra time. In the market, you can explore the different types of rinses that are useful for after-care. Further, you should keep a hygienic environment when you are going through the healing process. 

Tip 2:

You should also be careful when you are eating. It is possible that your piercing makes a pose that it may curve. Obviously, you don’t want that piercing to irritate you. So, you must use larger jewelry that will avoid swelling. We suggest you use soft food when your piercing is new and you are using new jewelry. 

Tip 3:

You should avoid playing with piercing jewelry. Also, avoid touching the new piercing that is in the way of the healing process. When you touch your new piercing or jewellery, then it will cause infection. You should also avoid playing with your jewellery with the help of your tongue. It will feel attractive, but you should make the right decision by leaving your jewellery. 

how bad does a smiley piercing hurt

Tip 4:

You should also avoid kissing your partner. Your mouth already has enough harmful bacteria that cause infection. But when your piercer confirms the healing, then you can kiss. 

Why Shouldn’t I Get A Smiley Piercing?

It is true that your area of the frenulum is very delicate, so most people can’t pierce it. But if you can’t pierce it, then don’t take tension. Your piercer has several other options for you. We suggest you avoid piercing if you use braces. The reason is that braces can harm your piercing and jewellery. So, it is a better option to wait for piercing until the harm is removed. 

Further, if you have an issue related to your mouth and gums, then you must avoid piecing because the jewellery will rub your teeth and cause an issue. 

Your frenulum piercing is not permanent because the frenulum is a small portion. Further, it also shows a lot of movements that cause rejection of piercing. Some people say that their piercing lasts for many years. At the same time, some say that their piercing lasts for only a few months. So, it is good for you to choose the right piercing. 

Do Smiley piercings ruin your teeth?

You want to know the answer to the question about how bad a smiley piercing hurts. We can tell you that all piercings can ruin teeth. According to the research, it has been concluded that oral piercing can harm your mouth. The reason is that millions of bacteria live in your mouth and cause infection. 

Final Verdict:

In the last, we have discussed how bad does a smiley piercing hurts? Now, almost everyone wants to pierce his mouth or smiley. Though it is not a long process, and you only need some time to go through the piercing process. But the main thing that you should consider is to take care of your mouth. 

The healing process doesn’t take much time, but you must follow after-care rules. The reason is that your mouth is full of bacteria that cause infection. Most people say that their piercing lasts for many years, but frenulum piercing does not last for a long time. Now, it’s your choice to go for the piercing process or not.  


Does piercing your smiley hurt?

If you want to pierce your tongue, then it will be done with a large needle. After piercing, your tongue will be sore or swell for 3-4 weeks. Your tongue needs at least 4 weeks for the completely healed smiley piercing. But remember, you should take care of your piercing. Otherwise, it will take too much time to heal.

Does a smiley piercing affect kissing?

Yes, a smiley piercing can affect your kissing when it is in the starting stage of healing. But when it gets healed, then you can kiss according to your need. When your piercing is in the healing stage, then all types of kissing can harm your piercing. 

Can I give oral with a smiley piercing?

When your piercing is in the healing stage, then you can give kisses to your loved one on his cheeks or lips. But remember that if your piercing is not fully healed, then you should do an open mouth kiss. 

Can smiley piercings last forever?

How much is a smiley piercing? It is a common question that most people ask, so we can answer it. A piercing process doesn’t last for a long time because it is not permanent. The area of the frenulum is small, and there is much movement, so it rejects the piercing. 

Why is smiley piercing crooked?

When you have done a new piercing, then it will not be crooked. But with time, your piercing will be crooked and swell. When your body starts healing, then the natural sign of piercing is swelling. But when your swelling becomes less than piercing, return to its normal form.

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