What Are the Reasons for Belly Button Bleed?

It is uncommon for people to be concerned about their belly buttons bleeding. Usually, people ignore the fact that they are supposed to clean their belly buttons. Hence, the gunk is built up in the space. The bacteria later affects and causes infections or bleeding. If the problem of belly button bleed gets serious, you will need to consult with a dermatologist. Wash your belly buttons regularly to eliminate any build-up or bacteria-related issues. 

Suppose you end up having bleeding issues. You need to be aware that they have a certain. Now you don’t want to embarrass yourself like that. One more red flag is that these situations may lead up to worse scenarios where you need medical attention. 

Suppose you have witnessed bleeding from your belly button. You should contact the doctor right away to establish an immediate consultation. Do not think that it is a minor issue. Beware that keeping it unattended for too long may lead to infection. You certainly do not want that! 

Causes of Belly Button Bleed

There could be many things that lead up to belly button bleed. You need to be sure that you are not leading up to a severe issue. It is in your best interest to not leave it unattended. A minor issue can lead to being problematic. 

  • Infection:

Infection is a case where microorganisms are produced in your body through disease. In the case of belly button bleedyou will see that the location is quite favourable. You can control the growth of this infection easily and quickly. 

The infections are of two types fungal and bacterial. Fungal infection is when yeast infection takes place in your belly button. It is a common type of infection. You can easily get this form of infection, no matter what your age or gender. It is also possible that people get fungi transferred from other places to their belly buttons. 

FACT: As per the research conducted by Dr Cristina Bordea in the UK, people with athlete’s foot complain about belly button piercing bleed issues. The main symptom of fungal infection is irritation and itching. The common treatment for this is an antifungal medication.

belly button bleed

The bacterial infection on the other hand is when you are surrounded by dirt in the house or exposed to a certain environment. Moreover, having a wound in a certain area that is openly exposed to dirt can lead to bacterial infection. A typical bacterial infection symptom is a fever. The fever is mainly caused due to your body trying to fight the bacteria actively. For such concerns, the doctor likely prescribes an antibiotic medicine. 

One thing that you need to keep an eye for is that infections do not have major symptoms. In such cases, you don’t have to worry about yourself too much. 

  • Trauma:

By trauma, we mean any physical injury that directly affects your belly button. It could be a blunt force or a simple piercing you got. If your belly button bleed is happening due to any exposure to severe trauma, then the damage might be significant. 

The wounds in such cases are long-term. Moreover, it is difficult to keep track of any damage inside the walls of the belly button. Dr Richard Turner’s skin specialist guide that If you have any damage underneath your skin, then ensure that no pus is allowed to build up.

Again, because of the belly button’s position, any large injury to the region has the potential to seriously endanger the neighbouring organs, such as the bladder or intestines. If the trauma results in bleeding, you need to see a doctor very once.

  • Surgery:

As we have discussed, trauma and surgeries may be similar. Sometimes surgeries also a point to lead to belly button bleeding. It is common that most of the surgeries are done by an incision in belly buttons, which means that you need to take aftercare. Even if the surgery is done on an organ that is not close to the belly button, it can still lead to bleeding. If you are facing any post-surgery belly bleed, then consult your doctor immediately. 

  • Effect of Piercings:

One of the most common ways why men suffer from bleeding in the belly button is the helix-men-piercings. There is a high demand for belly button piercings nowadays. With the rising trend, you need to be sure that you are not using any wrong services. Make sure that you get a piercing from a trusted service provider. 

Unsanitized piercings are getting common, and there are people who even do it with dirty hands. Such cases mostly lead to bleeding. Make sure that you get your helix-piercing men from an expert and trustable service.

  • Urachal Cyst:

A urachal cyst is a problem in the unborn fetus. This occurs in conditions that take place inside the mother’s uterus. When a uterus absorbs nutrients based on the food that the mother consumes. There are chances that while absorbing nutrients, the duct does not close properly after its function. 

If a cyst forms within the uterus, you will feel it swelling up. Moreover, if it is left unattended for too long, it can burst open. Sometimes people even face problems like urine entering the duct. The bodily fluids that are expelled have the potential to cause serious bacterial infections, particularly in the peritoneum, the membrane that surrounds your internal organs. Doctors often conduct surgery, drain the fluid from urachal cysts, and provide antibiotics as treatment.

  • Sebaceous Cyst:

Sebaceous cysts are mostly composed of keratin. They can grow inside your epidermis or the hair follicles. You don’t need to worry about their scenarios as they are mostly harmless. Experts normally define it as the build-up in your tissues. 

It leads to belly button piercing bleed. A trained doctor can disinfect your wounds with ease. They will make sure that you have a clean belly button before they interfere with the cyst. Once they pop the cyst, it will release fluids under pressure. In most cases, the specialists prefer not to pop the cysts since they can lead to infections. 

  • Endometriosis:

Endometriosis is known as the condition where the tissues in the abdominal area or the uterus are displaced. The disease can spread as far as the arms and lungs. 

Normally, the endometria is a lining around the uterus that builds up during menstruation and sheds afterward. It is a build-up of blood. It is good not to leave it unattended in any case leads to long-term problems. If you have extreme pain or any sort of symptom, contact an expert on priority. 

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Possible Causes and Symptoms of Belly Button Bleed:

There are several symptoms and causes of belly button bleeding. It can be a rash or the aftereffects of piercing. If your body skin is sensitive that there must be higher chance that the piercing might get infected. So it is suggested to first get in touch with an expert doctor before piercing any area of your body.

A brief summary of the seven possible reasons for a belly button piercing rejection is stated below: 

Possible CauseDescription
InfectionOvergrown fungi produce bacteria or skin infections in the body. Sometimes leading to swelling and blood discharge. 
TraumaA typical wound could be a result of keloid on belly button piercing or normal damage. This results in bleeding.
SurgeryA surgery conducted recently may lead to bleeding if the incision is not taken care of. 
Effect of PiercingsImproper hygiene on the keloid on belly piercing. Sometimes the application of helix-men-piercing can be a problem. This leads to infection in the long term. 
Urachal CystA cyst needs proper care. If the cyst after birth is not closed properly, it may lead to occasional belly button bleeding.
Sebaceous CystIt’s possible that a random cyst in the belly button has formed, and any injury to it might cause discomfort and the flow of blood and other materials.
EndometriosisBody tissue that belongs in a woman’s uterus is shifted into the belly and surrounding regions. Through the belly button, dead tissue and blood from these dislocated uterine linings may leak out.

What’s Next After Bleeding – Diagnosis?

So you might be thinking, are belly button piercings supposed to bleed? Once you are through a proper examination by a doctor. You can resolve some of the issues instantly, while some require longer attention.

Sometimes doctors take there are problems like belly button piercing rejection. Where you need your doctor to collect a sample. It is later tested in a lab. To ensure you don’t have an infection, the cells are extensively inspected under a microscope. Some possible solutions for belly button piercing bottom are: 

  • Treatment for belly button piercing outie discharge
  • Training of an infected area.
  • Maintain hygiene of your keloid on belly button piercing.
  • Use antifungal powder to avoid a yeast infection. 

To Treat a urachal cyst.

The doctors initially focused on treating the cyst with oral medication. They will likely prescribe you an antibiotic. It is possible that your cyst gets drained. 

After you are out of any infectious signs, you can then get your cyst removed. It is possible through surgery and medication. 

To Treat an Epidermoid cyst.

To reduce swelling, your doctor may inject a medicine into the epidermoid cyst or perform a minor incision and fluid drainage. Another choice is to use surgery or a laser to completely eliminate the cyst.

Prevention tips

If you want to keep your belly button healthy and clean, you should follow the instructions below. They help you avoid any Belly button bleed.

  • Wash your belly button piercing outie with clean water and soap. Try to use a washcloth or sponge for better results. 
  • Once you are done taking a shower. Make sure you dry the belly button properly. 
  • Avoid the use of creams and moisturizers inside belly buttons. It may clog pores, which encourages the growth of bacteria.
  • Take smaller breaks from wearing tighter clothes and avoid the irritation in your belly button bleed. 

Final Verdict:

The outcome of your treatment mainly depends on the cause that led to the belly button bleed in the first place. Sometimes people take extra care of their belly buttons, and the result is quicker and better.

The good case scenario is for you to consult a doctor. If you ever wonder, are belly button piercings supposed to bleed? Then it is best for you to see a doctor and understand the symptoms that may be causing the issues. Once your doctor carefully examines the condition, he will provide you with the medication that fits best. 

Always seek expert assistance and guidance if you feel pain or swelling over any area of your belly button. It is the most sensitive area of the human body, especially for women. So if you feel bleeding in your belly button, always seek the doctor’s help!


My belly button hurts. What should I do?

Sometimes after piercing, it is normal for the belly button to be sore. You don’t have to be worried about it. However, if it shows any symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor. Avoid doing experiments on your own.

Are belly button piercings supposed to bleed?

Normally yellow or white colored fluid from belly buttons is observed. However, in many cases, it is also seen that people suffer from belly button bleed. You can avoid this if you make sure to maintain good hygiene and let the wounds heal. 

I have an infection in my belly piercing. How can I fix it?

If you want to feed an infection, it is best for you to use an antibiotic ointment that your expert prescribed for you. This helps to keep the belly button piercing bottom hydrated and well-ventilated. Make sure you are using comfortable clothes and applying form compressors to provide a comfortable scenario to your belly button.

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