Ashley Piercing – Things to Know About

Most girls like Ashley piercing but they always have some fears about it. In recent years, piercing is trending across the globe. Women of all ages like ear and nose piercing but the ratio of Ashley piercing is not much higher. 

About Ashley Piercing

It is a single piercing that goes through the center of the lower lip directly. This is not an easy and safe way to go for this method because it varies person to person due to the anatomy. It needs to pierce the lip without damaging the gum and teeth line. This is a cartilage or skin piercing that forms any part of the lower lip. Girls like wearing jewelry and in some areas of the world, it is a sign of arrogance and style. Some women wear it according to fashion and customs as they enter adulthood. Women wear studs to wear jewelry. 

Ashley Piercing – How Much Does It Hurt?

Ashley piercing

We all know that it harms, yet pain depends upon the area. The beneficial thing about this procedure is that it takes under a moment. It is over immediately or in almost no time. Many people feel a little pinch, and some say there is no irritation. Indeed, it relies upon the thickness of the skin and the presence of the ligament on the area. For the vast majority, it isn’t in excess of a flick or squeeze.

 There is low pain in piercing areas because of no ligament, yet it occurs on the ear cartilage. In the middle zone, ligament is available, and it causes more pain and difficulty to pierce the lip. If your lip is more earnest, it will be more agonizing and hard for you.

If you want to know about the pain during or after piercing, then you should learn about its technique. The advanced methods are better and less painful. Nonetheless, the pain is for a couple of seconds, and it is over rapidly so you can find it simple to pierce.

What to expect after Ashly Piercing?

All women expect a fashionable look with stylish studs, quick heal, and minor pain. But it is not true in all cases. However, you need to be careful while going to this method. Make sure you are using safe methods for this procedure. Moreover, people want it on the fleshy skin, tough cartilage, soft flesh, and the septum. You can expect many things here with some dangers as well. There are some sinus veins in the facial area; you may expect a nose piercing infection. 

  • Infection

It causes contamination due the microorganisms that line within your lips. In addition, lockjaw, hepatitis B or C, and HIV from ineffectively disinfected devices can get into your blood. It prompts serious contamination that requires some investment to mend up.

  • Bleeding

You may have bleeding and you are penetrating it on the septum. It bleeds more than penetrated veins. Then again, because of this strategy, you may likewise have hematoma, which is an enlarged injury that can distort your face and cause a disease.

  • Allergic Reactions

Some people have allergies to some metals, so you may have an allergy due to your lip jewelry.

  • Scarring

There is a possibility of forming lumps of fibrous scar tissue or keloids on the pierced area.

How Long Will It Take to Heal Up?

Ashley piercing

Ashley Piercing requires three weeks to recuperate up assuming you have tenderness, redness, and irritation. Besides, it totally recuperates up in two to four months, and a penetrated septum requires three to four months to heal.

Indeed, there are techniques because of which you can dispose of its irritation. It is valid; you will have pain during the piercing strategy. Piercing causes some swelling, tenderness, enlarging, redness, and others, yet everything relies upon the strategy for piercing. It is alright for you assuming you utilize all around cleaned instruments and sedated studs. It is a protected strategy since there are less possibilities of swelling and disease.

What To Do To Heal It Up?

Some of the techniques are here that can help you to heal up this Ashley piercing. Clean your face with a damp towel after washing the face. Apply the antibiotic ointment or crèmes around the pierce. These are composed of the retinoids, antioxidants, enzymes and ingredients. It provides the proper moisture to your skin and makes it fresh. The importance of beauty products has always been prominent from the past years to present age because it adds to a woman’s natural beauty. It will never leave your skin dry and make it more nourished.


Skin on lips is very delicate and it needs a very light massage in the ring form. For lip care use lotions that are effective. These products are helpful for increasing the nourishment of the skin. The technique and strokes of massage are more important in improving the health of eyes. It increases the bold circulation around the eyes and provides strength to the body.

Tips To Lighten The Skin Under Lips

  • Take proper sleep and rest
  • Do not rub your pierced area it ruins the small vessels
  • Always remove your makeup before sleep and try to save your lips from irritations.
  • Use shade or P-Cap when you go out from the house or office
  • Wash your lips with cold water and apply cold compress on it for relief from burning and tension.
  • Take Vitamin C, E and A for increasing the nourishment of your skin
  • Do not smoke, do not use alcohol and caffeine. It causes dehydration and weakens the eyesight.


Taking care of your pierced lips is very important because beautiful lips enhance your facial beauty. There are many crèmes and lotions are available in the market for increasing the beauty and the attraction of your eyes. The redness and swelling on the lips after Ashley piercing are very common in every second person. It is common in women and men. These are not found in children. In older people the skin becomes thinner. The elasticity becomes less and skin loses the collagens. It makes the area darker because the blood vessels get damaged.

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