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Scrolling pages and bigger buttons are just a few starting points when it comes to an effective web interface. Thanks to smart phones and tablets, the need for clean, simple design is imperative. Designers now utilize responsive design to maximize cross platform content for “above the fold” positioning on all devices. Using simple navigation, effective CTAs and eye catching images always delivers the right message and creates a positive and effective user experience. Here are a few examples of web interfaces that are getting the job done and setting the stage for more advancement on interactive web sites.







When I started in design, the World Wide Web went from flashing rainbows and disco ball effects to vector graphics and java script for a more realistic experience on the web. Taking design to warp speed, designers can now create virtual worlds on the web to attract more users on more devices than a PC.  Today’s tools of the trade include responsive design, HTML, CSS, Adobe CS6, social media, vector graphics, wireframes, SEO, copy editing, Java script and PHP to name a few. With a huge tool chest of ever changing skills, keeping current with technology is a challenge. Imperative is keeping an eye on design trends and staying curious. I chose web design to make the World Wide Web better and as this unforeseen labyrinth of information evolves, so do I as a designer. Inspired along this creative journey, here are a few designers that are mastering the art of web design.






All over the web are fantastic resources to get those creative juices flowing and gather inspiration. Web Creme, Best of Web Gallery and The Best Web Designs are a few of my favorites. I am happy to announce my own freelance web design,  Fresh Web Design Group was accepted by  Cool Home Pages   in the categories of clean design and usability design. Clean and usability are important terms for designers as they can make or break a design and the user’s experience when surfing the site for content. As a “new” designer just entering the world wide web, I am taking note from the masters and proud to be included in sites that inspire. Check out some of the sites that inspired me today.




I have finally updated my design site and am pleased to announce the launch of Fresh Web Design Group. Offering creative services in web, print and beyond! Check out my work and services and contact me if you want to work on something creative…

There are times in life when the only thing standing in your way is you. A few years back I decided on a career change and invested  a lot of time and training  towards web design.  It’s been a long road of technology overload but one I am happy to be on. In the end, my drive to express myself creativly has won over my insecurities and I will be launching my new design site soon – link and info in my next post, promise! For those of you facing the same challenges and avoiding the next step towards your goal –  get over yourself  and get out of the way!