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When two people click and complement each other it truly is a work in chemistry.  While surveying photos of famous couples, it is easy to see the chemistry or lack of in these images.  A glimmer in the eye or the way they lean together gives us a hint on the status of their relationship. When things don’t look right, were these just moments out of sync or telling us more in the photograph? Even a couple’s fashion choice makes a statement from coordinated outfits to expressing individual style.  Harmony or discord, when a couple gets together there’s no hiding chemistry.



In case I stumble across a Karaoke bar, I’ve made a list of tunes I would sing.  My dream, amongst many, is to sing on stage and perform musicals, opera or just be in a band. Here are a few tunes that showcase my vocal range because to me I can sound like Aretha or Johnny. When armed with a mic I’d be singing karaoke all night, here’s what made my impromptu short list….