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Like Janis Joplin, Amy Lee and Joan Jett, Lzzy Hale has entered the ring of top female rockers adding her incredible vocal range, power and emotion to the list. She can hold her own in this arena and has a Grammy to prove it. Her band, Halestorm recently won for best hard rock/metal performance with their single “Love Bites (so do I)“. On their most recent single “I Miss the Misery“, Lzzy screams out a massive hook with her vocal range. Exuding a sultry confidence onstage, Lzzy explores an emotional lyrical breadth alongside band members and Brother Arejay Hale, Joe Hottinger, Josh Smith. Raising the bar for female vocalists, Lzzy is my new vocal muse, inspiring me to explore the art of screaming and build a powerhouse vocal belt of my own. Check out Halestorm for yourself with “Familiar Taste of Poison” and take note of Lzzy Hale.


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