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Plug in the karaoke machine and lay out two mics and see which brave soul is going to sing all night. Select a few tunes that showcase a broad range like Steve Perry from Journey or Trace Adkins for the guys. The gals can tackle divas like Whitney, Christina or Aretha. What you will have is a show full of lounge lizards doing their best to entertain. Last Friday night we did just the same, singing tunes that made us laugh ’til we cried knowing we’ll never be as  good as  Noah covering “Sexy and I know it”. Here’s to the joy of singing stupors with a karaoke machine. 



Noah Guthrie – “Sexy and I know it” cover

Hall and Oates – “Rich Girl”

Journey – “Don’t stop believing “


Here’s another popular Australian duo that has hit my top list, Angus and Julia Stone, a brother and sister act steeped in alternative folk rock. This multi-talented duo in vocals, guitar, harmonica, trumpet, cello, mandolin and drums, have been recording groove based acoustic folk since 2006.You might know them already, their song “Love Will Take You” is on Twilight’s, Breaking Dawn – Part 1 soundtrack.I can’t stop playing  “Just a boy” or singing to a mesmerizing version of Grease’s “You’re the one that I want”. Try to sit still to the toe tapping drum beats in “Paper Aero plane” or the sway of “Wasted”. With Julia’s sweet fractured vocals and Angus’ soulful sound, you’re sure to pick some favorites from Angus and Julia Stone.

To hear more of my “Must hear music” picks, go to Good Eye Design Blog’s Pinterest board.





When a song builds so beautifully it helps add to the drama of the movie and connects the characters on another level with the audience. You feel what they are feeling with your heart in your throat while the song wraps you up in the moment. There are numerous dramatic movie scores which accomplish this effect and here are a few that stand out for me.  Sharing my random list of moving  music and wondering what made your list?


“My Father’s Gun” by Elton John From Elizabethtown


Radiohead’s “Creep” by Scala  from The Social Network  movie Trailer

“Fix you” by Coldplay  from Young at Heart

“Liz on top of the world” from Pride and Prejudice (2005)


“Mansions of the Lord”  from We Were Soldiers (2002)


We all have songs that conjure up memories like a personal soundtrack. The minute I hear one of these tunes I immediately go back in time and remember the event, place, people or feelings those songs bring up. Focusing on some happy and pivotal moments in my life and sharing my song list of memories to enjoy or hoop and holler at. Click on the pics for the tunes and see if your toe starts tapping. Wondering what songs made your favorite memories list ?


Next time you are traveling don’t be surprised if an indie pop band rocks out by the tarmac. The Seattle -Tacoma International Airport has developed a Music Initiative called Experience the City of Music. Audio broadcasts, video segments, and live bands will be playing at the airport showcasing the northwest region’s music culture. Famous musicians from Quincy Jones and Ray Charles to Death Cab for Cutie will be featured while many other local favorites will be reading the safety announcements over the PA system.


A Launch Party will be held throughout the airport this Saturday, January 28, 2012, from 3-7 p.mLive music performances from Recess Monkey, Carrie Clark, Fly Moon Royalty and The Dusty 45’s will be performing while riders of Sound Transit’s Link light rail will also enjoy live music on the trains from downtown Seattle to the airport.  Who knew the next hip music venue would be the airport? Enjoy the city of sound next time you are flying around.


Every time I play this band’s music I  get asked “Who is this?” I love turning people onto new music, especially local bands and Roman Holiday does the job. Since 2008, this Seattle band is growing in rank with a polished sound distinctly similar to Coldplay with a guitar driven sound.  Touring internationally with a new album  Paint This Town  and first hit single  Fuel the Fire , this band is heading skyward. Songs like  The Long Way Home  and  Filthy Hands  are dynamic standouts with a polished combo of guitar, drums and vocal melodies that soar. Be sure to check out the drums and guitar riffs on  Filthy Hands  and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Click on the images below and enjoy a little Roman Holiday.





Today’s theme song Settle Down comes from down under. 20 year old Australian artist Kimbra is putting her signature sound on the music scene with hits like Settle Down and Plain Gold Ring. Her debut album, Vows released in August 2011 is climbing the charts along with duets on hits like Somebody that I used to know with fellow Aussie, Gotye. Kimbra’s sound is a combination of Jazz great Nina Simone and Bjork, with crisp, clear tones and an edge distinctly her own. Check out Kimbra’s music below with a link to her videos on the images and add her to your play list pronto.

I’m hitting a curve ball and running full speed towards home plate. I might get a little tired and dirty, may even have to slide into base. When a curve ball comes you’ve got to hit it out of the park and not worry where it lands. Just know there will be surprises at every turn. Click on the images below for a few songs to consider when playing the game of life.



Did I mention I love this band? 

If you haven’t checked out The Head and the Heart, I recommend doing so live. Their Indie pop rock sound, great musicality and building rhythms draw you in and keep you there. Opening for Dave Matthews, the Decemberists and Death Cab for Cutie this past year and appearing on Conan and David Letterman has put the spotlight on the next big name from Seattle. Click on the picture below for a live performance of “Down in the valley” or a cool house party performance at–  Enjoy!


Always on the lookout for a good tune and remembered a new favorite I heard while in New Mexico this summer by the Old Crow Medicine Show. I know I am late to the party with this song as it has been around since 2004 but “Wagon wheel” has won over another fan. One of Country music’s favorite sing along songs by band members with names like Critter and Ketch and a sound that’s pure folk and bluegrass to boot, Old Crow Medicine show has made a name for themselves on the Grand Ole Opry stage with tunes like this. Click on the picture below and enjoy an unfinished Bob Dylan tune completed by this band and come relive a past Wild West road trip with me while you’re at it.